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This BLOG can be used as a tool for you to continue your learning in between classes with SpeakHabla. Studying English for a few hours once a week isn’t enough to make any progress. Immerse yourself in the English Language as much as possible.

If you want to speak English fluently, you need to make it an essential part of your everyday life. Hopefully, this BLOG will help.

Andrea Minicola

Andrea Minicola


Speakhabla - Owner of Speakhabla and Vice President of PWNCR - I am a Language Coach that helps managers and business professionals reach an advanced level of English so they can compete on an international level in a global market.



  1. William S.

    Congratulations, SpeakHabla!

    Such a wonderful initiative in bringing professional English classes to Costa Rica! There is definitely a growing necessity for more and more proficient English speakers, specialized at a high Business Level, running hundreds or even thousands of deals everyday with local and foreign business partners. As the majority of the active companies are continuously expanding their operations (which is exactly our case, too) as well as new companies are about to be opening both bold and promising projects in Costa Rica, qualified English speaking employees will have a key role in closing strategic deals and successfully conducting major sales.

    Already passed the first two months since we have begun our collaboration, having our first group of 6 currently in training Sales Assistants following your courses. I must say I am very satisfied with their progress up to this point, I trust them to be fully trained into managing Business English at the highest possible level, becoming a valuable asset within our company. I have to also mention their large enthusiasm in attending the English courses and actively engaging into complex conversations, practicing or simulating their future sales strategies with great confidence.

    We will most definitely recommend your highly appreciated activity and outstanding results to all our current and future business partners, collaborators and friends. Such an insignificant investment in Human Resources with such a great potential result for any company, in every way! Keep up the good work!

    Warm thanks and regards,

    W.S. – Project and Development Manager.

    • Admin

      Thank you so much William! So happy to hear you are satisfied with your English Learning!