BELA for Business Professionals 1

BELA for Business Professionals

Empieza aquí con la prueba BELA.

Business. English. Level. Assessment.

Certifica tu nivel de inglés para la empleabilidad. Es rápido, fácil y GRATUITO.

Acerca de la prueba BELA

Está a punto de comenzar la prueba de Business English Level Assessment. La evaluación se divide en tres secciones:

  1. Gramática y vocabulario
  2. Lectura
  3. Comprensión auditiva

Antes de empezar, compruebe que el altavoz de su dispositivo está encendido y puede escuchar.

Reglas de la evaluación

  • Se trata de una evaluación cronometrada de 60 minutos.
  • No puede pausar la prueba.
  • Si sale de la prueba, su progreso no se guardará.
  • Debe estar en un lugar tranquilo.
  • Debe realizar la evaluación solo/a.
  • Recibirá los resultados de la prueba al final.

1 / 60

Where do you live?
I live __________ London.
Choose ONE correct answer.

2 / 60

How old are you?
Listen and choose ONE correct answer.

3 / 60

I have a sister. ______ name’s Jessica.

Choose ONE correct answer.

4 / 60

__________ five apples on the table.
Choose ONE correct answer.

5 / 60

What are his hobbies?
Choose TWO correct answers.

6 / 60

What is Jane doing now?
Choose ONE correct answer.

7 / 60

What time is it?

BELA for Business Professionals 2
Choose TWO correct answers.

8 / 60

What are his daily routines?

Choose ONE correct answer.

9 / 60

What did Helen do yesterday?
She went to the shopping mall, but she __________ any clothes.

Choose ONE correct answer.

10 / 60

I __________ talk on the phone now because I’m driving.
Choose ONE correct answer.

11 / 60

Joe’s mom has two brothers.
His mom’s brothers are Joe’s __________?
Choose ONE correct answer.

12 / 60

Where is the post office?
Look at the map, listen and choose ONE correct answer.



13 / 60

Living in the countryside is __________ than living in the city.

Choose ONE correct answer.

14 / 60

At the restaurant.
What would you like for your main course?
Choose TWO correct answers.

15 / 60

Describing people
Adam is __________ many sports and is a __________-known athlete.
Choose ONE correct answer.

16 / 60

What are his past experiences?
Choose ONE correct answer.

17 / 60

How do you get to work?
I __________ the bus to work, __________ I go by car.

Look at the diagram and choose ONE correct answer.

18 / 60

What are your plans for the weekend?
Listen and choose ONE correct answer.


19 / 60

They __________ when the phone rang.
Choose ONE correct answer.

20 / 60

What did she do in the clothes shop?
Choose TWO correct answers.

21 / 60

We __________ to work, but now we take the train.
Choose ONE correct answer.

22 / 60

What would you like to do tonight?
Listen and choose ONE correct answer.


23 / 60

I love to travel, but __________ to Australia since 2010.
Choose ONE correct answer.

24 / 60

Sarah had an exam yesterday, and she’s really nervous about the results.
Choose TWO similar adjectives for “nervous”.

25 / 60

On the phone
“I’d like to speak to the manager please.”

“I’m sorry I can’t __________ now because she’s in a meeting. Please give me your number and I’ll ask her to __________.”

Choose ONE correct answer.

26 / 60

His wife __________ their weekend, before they spoke about it.
Choose ONE correct answer.

27 / 60

Giving opinions
“Wow! That was an awesome concert.”
“Yeah it was incredible. However, their first album is my favourite.”
Karen agrees that the concert was amazing, __________ their earlier music is still the best.

Choose TWO correct answers.

28 / 60

Lifestyle choices
Listen and choose ONE correct answer.


29 / 60

You were late for an important meeting. You __________ home earlier.
Choose ONE correct answer.

30 / 60

She really hates cleaning her apartment, but she has no problem with the cooking.
Choose ONE correct answer, which has the same meaning.

31 / 60

Job opportunities
“Why didn’t you accept that amazing job offer in New York last year?”
“Because my home is in London.”

Choose ONE correct answer.

32 / 60

Does this theatre critic agree with the outstanding reviews of London’s latest play?

He __________ exactly the same __________ of view.

Listen and choose ONE correct answer.


33 / 60

I don’t mind if you upgrade the software, __________ you back up the hard drive first.

Choose TWO correct answers.

34 / 60

I __________ for the last few months, because I moved to Madrid and had to study Spanish.
Choose ONE correct answer.

35 / 60

The suspect was found responsible for committing a crime.
The suspect was found _ _ _ _ _ _ of breaking the law.
Choose ONE correct answer.

36 / 60

I’m sure that __________ her first autobiography by the end of the year.
Choose TWO correct answers which have a similar meaning.

37 / 60

The plane left ten minutes ago, but I couldn’t fly because I didn’t take my passport.
If I __________ my passport, I __________ on the plane right now.
Choose ONE correct answer.

38 / 60

So, why did you miss my phone call this morning?

He explained that __________ an important presentation.

Listen and choose ONE correct answer.


39 / 60

Who is the team leader least impressed by?

Team performance notes:
“Overall the team has performed extremely well on this project. Sarah is extremely motivated, Linda is disorganized but still very passionate, Jason is quite pessimistic and fairly stubborn, and Max is incredibly enthusiastic. However, they all seem to get on well with each other.”

Choose ONE correct answer.

40 / 60

Scientific reports state that the Earth’s temperature is rising because of energy pollution.
Many experts believe that we should be more environmentally friendly in order to limit ______ ______.

Choose ONE correct answer.

41 / 60

The Education Secretary negotiated with protesting teachers yesterday. They have now insisted that she schedules a second meeting.
The politician __________ an agreement with the teachers yesterday.
Choose ONE correct answer to reflect the outcome of the negotiation.

42 / 60

At the moment, we’re finding it difficult to pay the bills, and a luxurious holiday is simply unaffordable.
We're struggling   __________.
Choose ONE correct answer.

43 / 60

Homelessness __________ tackled adequately by the government.
Listen and choose ONE the correct answer.

44 / 60

It is __________ difficult to ensure the protection of endangered species.
Choose TWO correct answers.

45 / 60

They had no idea about their sister’s medical problems, because she hadn’t explained what was happening.
Their sister hasn’t __________ about her poor health.
Choose ONE correct answer, which has the same meaning.

46 / 60

Ben dropped out of school when he was just sixteen, and became a millionaire before his 21st birthday.

____________ drop out of school when he was sixteen, but he also became a millionaire before his 21st birthday.
Choose ONE correct answer.

47 / 60

After being accepted for a scholarship at university, I was unsure whether it was a good idea to live on campus.
I was __________ about living on campus.
Choose ONE correct answer which has the same meaning.

48 / 60

How can you respond to this phone call?
Listen to the problem and choose the TWO most suitable responses.


49 / 60

We need an extended break from our stressful jobs.
____ we need is an extended break from our stressful jobs.
Choose ONE correct answer.

50 / 60

Approximately $5,000,000 has already been donated to charity for last week’s natural disaster.
Choose ONE correct answer, which has the same meaning as “approximately”.

51 / 60

He thinks that the management has been __________.
The information for the next five questions is in the listening task below.

The wife asks her husband about work!
Tip: Read the questions carefully before listening to the audio.

Choose ONE correct answer.

52 / 60

What would he like to do next week (even though it is unlikely)?
He’d like to hand in his __________ .
Choose ONE correct answer.

53 / 60

How does he feel about his retirement?
“__________ I hadn’t __________ my retirement.”
Choose ONE correct answer.

54 / 60

He is describing how he feels tonight, and he would like to be more __________.
Choose ONE correct answer.

55 / 60

What would he like to do this evening?
He’d like to __________.
Choose ONE correct answer.

The information for the next five questions is in the reading task below.

Does technology benefit language learning?

Over the last decade, there has been an unprecedented growth in the development of technology for teaching languages, including interactive websites, mobile apps and classroom software. It is abundantly clear that one of the most dominant subject areas to experience this explosion is English language teaching. After carrying out a survey among thousands of English teachers regarding the pros and cons of using technology in language teaching, some patterns in their opinions have become quite apparent.
On a positive note, the majority of English teachers consider that technology can prove advantageous to language teachers and students alike. It was also acknowledged that it could provide a greater variety of activities and enable classes to be even more interactive. Many also commented that it could be beneficial for initial English level tests, ongoing project work, and online courses.
Regrettably, however, a large number have also reported in their feedback that, even though their schools had invested in developing the resources, they had not had received an adequate orientation session of how such technology can be best used by teachers. In other cases, many who had been given an introduction still felt that they should be supported with ongoing training. This would both assist their professional development and enable them to better meet the needs of students.
Whilst it may be concluded that technology is of significant importance in the future of education, the provision of continuous training that harnesses the creativity and enthusiasm of teachers, is essential for the successful application of the newest tools in language teaching.

56 / 60

Below is an extra paragraph. What is the best location in the text?

 Fortunately, many expressed that even without any training, they had previously considered that they might as well try it out, and it had often motivated students and achieved surprisingly good results.

Select ONE correct answer.

57 / 60

Below is an extract from the text.
It is abundantly clear that one of the most…”
Without a shadow of _ _ _ _ _ .
Choose ONE correct answer to complete an expression with the same meaning.

58 / 60

Below is an extract from the text.
Regrettably, however, a large number …”
Choose ONE correct answer, which has the same meaning.

59 / 60

Below is an expression from the extra paragraph in Question 56.
“They had previously considered that they might as well try it out”
Choose ONE correct answer, which has the same meaning.

60 / 60

Which statement most accurately summarizes the writer’s opinion?
Choose ONE correct answer.