About Us

Global Business Speaks English.

Learning English with SPEAKHABLA can change your life. We will provide you with the skills and ability to function professionally and competently in a second language.  For business professionals, this will help you to excel in your job or maybe even gain a promotion.

Our unique personalized class design, our Online Learning Management System and our Professional teachers all help to create a dynamic learning environment.

results focused

Results focused –

Our students are helped to achieve the results they need for the next stage in their life or career. Many take IELTS, Linguaskill or Cambridge Exams.

The History of SPEAKHABLA

SPEAKHABLA was established in 2015 by a passionate and ambitious entrepreneur, Andrea Minicola. Her vision was to create a business providing English Classes to corporations and business professionals.

Andrea wanted to provide a proper learning experience, with proper teachers and proper classes/courses, in sharp contrast to the poorly organized schools she had seen first-hand. Andrea was determined to “fill a gap” that existed in Costa Rica, an English Language Gap. There were many schools that had English classes, but there were very few resources for Enterprise and Individual Business Professionals.

SPEAKHABLA only teaches Business Professionals, that is our focus, that is where 100% of our attention is. 100% focus is what has allowed us to create the best Business English Program available, not only to Costa Rica, but internationally as well.

SPEAKHABLA’S current reputation exists in part from her strong leadership, but Andrea did not do this alone, she is the owner but not the face of the business. Summer Adolph is the real face of SPEAKHABLA. Summer has been the Operations Manager of SPEAKHABLA since 2019, and over the last few years, she has created an amazing community of learners and teachers, managing the business to enable a strong learning platform and reputation. She has hired bright, lively highly qualified teachers who are able to inspire, entertain and motivate the students. Summer created many of the curriculums, assessments, grading and testing processes and helped build SPEAKHABLA from the ground up.

Today, teachers are still hired for their ability to inspire and SPEAKHABLA is about more than only English Classes.

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The BELA – Costa Rica’s ONLY free online Business.English.Level.Assessment for professionals and companies. It is also the only DYNAMIC testing system. DYNAMIC = it changes. You can take the test more than once, and you will get different questions. The results are according to the internationally accepted Common European Framework for Language. Verified certification is available for download to LinkedIn.

Over 100+ different Business Workshops in English

Online Learning Management System

Monthly Memberships – Alternative Learning for the curious that works

By doing so, we help students to go beyond their own expectations of themselves.