Workforce Preparation

Workforce Readiness Skills – Basic

  • Ask about job openings
  • Complete a job application
  • Practice job interview skills
  • Learn basic technologies such as Microsoft Word and e-mail
Workforce Readiness Skills basic 2
Workforce Readiness Skills advanced

Workforce Readiness Skills – Advanced

  • Communicate with customers, co-workers, and managers
  • Read and understand work manuals, job descriptions, etc.
  • Conduct and analyze a career inventory
  • Expand technology and Internet skills

Workplace Advancement Skills – Basic

  • Develop communication and problem-solving skills
  • Complete accurate workplace forms
  • Identify various workplace tools
  • Demonstrate appropriate workplace etiquette
Workplace Advancement Skills Basic
Workplace Advancement Skills Advanced

Workplace Advancement Skills – Advanced

  • Cultural awareness
  • Demonstrate effective written language skills related to professional communication
  • Demonstrate effective oral language skills related to professional communication
  • Read and interpret professional workplace materials
  • Demonstrate computer skills in using word, spreadsheet, and presentation software, as well as the Internet


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