aerial photo of La SabanaSucceeding in Costa Rica

Succeeding in Costa Rica

Did you know that 80% of job listings in Latin America require a proficient English level, and only 20% of business professionals actually have this capability?

Let’s face the facts, if you live in Latin America, and you want to have the best opportunities for career advancement, you need to communicate effectively in English. English has emerged as the common language with which information flows globally, and is often considered the world’s business language.

Given that business English can be used across all industries and is frequently used as a common corporate language, it is regarded as one of the most important skills for individuals working in an international environment.

The capacity to communicate successfully with the business experts handling their legal, accounting, and administrative tasks is essential for international firms wishing to establish a presence in Latin America. In most cases, this will be done in English by business professionals who need to be able to explain local laws and procedures in a way that foreign businesses would comprehend.

By offering business English classes with a corporate focus in Latin America, organizations like SPEAKHABLA are attempting to address this issue. They also provide intense business English courses, corporate English programs, Business Workshops in English, and to date, many corporations and business professionals have benefited from their business English instruction.

SPEAKHABLA also offers FREE online level testing with their online BELA system. Here you will find the link, so you can take the test! We will send you the results!

Andrea Minicola

Andrea Minicola


Owner of SPEAKHABLA and former of PWNCR – I am a Language Coach that helps managers and business professionals reach an advanced level of English, so they can compete on an international level in a global market.

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